Camp Blaze is supported by the following fire service agencies:

Camp Blaze Founding Directors

Lieutenant Amy Bannister
Seattle Fire Department

Amy Bannister was born and raised in the state of Washington. She decided to become a firefighter when she was sixteen. Before pursuing this goal however, she received a BA in English Literature from the University of Michigan where she had a noteworthy career in track and field. She then returned to Seattle to join the fire department in 1996. Amy was promoted to Lieutenant in October of 2001 and currently works on an engine company in the Rainier Valley of Seattle. Amy enjoys soccer, running, reading, and cooking.

Battalion Chief Marlene Heisey
California Department of Forestry and Fire
Marlene Heisey was born in Southern California in the town of Arcadia. She has lived in California her whole life, and currently resides in the small town of Forest Ranch. She has worked for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection since 1982 and is currently a Battalion Chief. She went to school in Chico. Marlene has degrees in physical education and mathematics--originally she was going to be a teacher, but found the fire service and fell in love with it. She plays on several recreational sport teams, softball and volleyball being her favorites. In her free time, you'll find her hanging out by a creek reading a book.

Firefighter Deborah Carlson
San Diego Fire and Life Safety

Deborah Carlson began her career with the San Diego Fire Department in 1984. She attended college in Ashland, Oregon, majoring in physical education and journalism. After college she spent five years in Alaska working on the Alaska pipeline and on a commercial salmon troller. She lived in a tent in the woods near Juneau with friends for nine months while building a cabin, which has since become a Bed and Breakfast. Deborah lives in the country outside of San Diego with her adored animals. She loves kayaking, ocean fishing, and is the official Camp Blaze cook.

Firefighter Sherri Hauch
Fort Worth Fire Department

Sherri has been a firefighter with the Fort Worth Fire Department since 1997. She currently holds the rank of Engineer, as well as serving as a Hazardous Materials Technician and a Technical Rescue Specialist. Sherri also works as a recruiter and volunteers as a peer counselor for her department. She was raised in Arlington Texas and still lives there today. She attended the University of Texas at Arlington and has a background in biology. Sherri's interests include the outdoors, camping, golf and traveling. She has almost always had an interest in firefighting and feels fortunate to have made it her career.

Lieutenant Suzy Rueblin
Boulder Fire Department

Suzy Reublin has been with the Boulder Fire Department since 1991 and is currently a Lieutenant. She holds a B.S. and a K-12 teaching certificate in health and adaptive physical education, a degree in criminal justice, and a degree in fire science. Suzy grew up in Boulder with her folks and three sisters (one sister is also a fire Lieutenant), and has twin, two-year old girls. She plays volleyball, skis, hikes, bikes, reads and has a true passion for animals. Most of all, Suzy can't wait for skit night at camp.

Firefighter Alissa Van Nort
San Francisco Fire Department

Alissa Van Nort began her career with the San Francisco Fire Department in 1997. Before the fire service, Alissa worked as a carpenter, a ropes course instructor, and as a workshop educator. Her undergraduate degree is from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, continued with master's level work in Organizational Development. For relaxation and nourishment, she reads, swims, runs, cooks, and travels to visit friends and family. Working on Blaze is an honor and a dynamic challenge.

Firefighter/Paramedic Patricia White
San Diego Fire and Life Safety

Patricia was born in San Diego, California and has been a firefighter since 1996. Pat is a Paramedic and was promoted to Engineer in February of 2004. Before becoming a firefighter she worked as a registered nurse for eleven years in the local hospital and surgery center. Patricia has her A.S. degree in Fire Science and an A.S. in Nursing. She lives in Carlsbad, California and has two boys. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and friends.

Firefighter Karen Kerr
San Francisco Fire Department
Karen Kerr Stone was born and raised in New York City; at 23 she moved to San Francisco, California, a dream since age thirteen. She joined the San Francisco Fire Department in 1995. After 12 years as a firefighter, she was promoted to Lieutenant and now works on Engine 25 in the Bayview neighborhood. Karen has always been interested in social issues and is very involved with organizing and advocating for women firefighters, and with the community as an Associate Public Information Officer. Karen has been involved with Camp Blaze since its inception in 2001, as a Director, Crew Leader, and Board Member. After years of hiking, backpacking, and traveling to visit friends and new places in the US and the world, she is now married and a mother with a two year old son Calder. To relax, she creates glass sculptures, takes hikes with her family (including dog Simon) and cooks meals for her family and friends with Calder as her assistant in the kitchen.

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