The Goal of Camp Blaze

Our hope is to empower and build confidence in young women by:
  • providing experience in team-building
  • enhancing their physical abilities
  • exploring their work ethic
  • broadening their skill set
  • sharpening problem-solving capabilities
The mission of Camp Blaze is to develop, support, and implement an annual camp for young women in a fire service environment. Through visionary female collaboration and community involvement, we believe we can increase and ensure the presence of confident and strong women leaders in the years ahead.

How Camp Blaze Evolved

In July of 1999, the first Fire Service Mini Camp was hosted by San Diego Fire and Life Safety. The team leaders from that camp decided to form Camp Blaze to create a free, annual camp for young women to experience what a career in the fire service might be like.

What Camp Blaze Offers

The skills and training offered at Camp Blaze are:
  • live fire training
  • using portable fire extinguishers
  • aerial ladder climbing
  • search and rescue
  • interviewing techniques
  • rappelling
  • hose handling
  • team-building exercises
  • using self-contained breathing apparatus
  • understanding fire

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